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Posted by Bob on December 7, 2008 under Email Bob | 28 Comments to Read

Any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at:

I look foward to hearing from you.

  • Jacob Maisto said,

    Dear Bob Mezzo,
    My name is Jacob Maisto, and I was just saying that I and my family are huge supporters of your campain and we love your ideas for the town of Naugatuck. My family aggres with the things you do and how you are running for mayor. Hope all goes well with your campain and keep up the good work.
    -Jacob Maisto

  • Frank Ruela said,

    Dear Bob Mezzo I’m a huge supporter of your campaign and I like your idea to turf the football field and the others.I think its great that you are trying to help the youth of Naugatuck.Also my parents are going to vote for you.

  • Bob said,

    Thanks Frank. We truly appreciate your support and that of your family. Natalie has been such an asset to our campaign. I look forward to seeing you soon.

  • Bob said,

    Hi Jacob. Thank you for your support and kind words. We really enjoy receiving feedback about our campaign. Please give my best to your family and thank them for their interest in our efforts.

  • Max said,

    What do you plan to do with the problem at the skate park? It seems to be a growing problem with all the ramps rusting and breaking.

  • Bob said,

    Hi Max:

    Maintaining our parks is difficult given our budget problems. The creation of a skate park was long overdue, but we need to ensure that it does not become damaged in a relatively short time. Because the park is used a lot and the activity has a high impact on the equipment, we will need to look into finding ways to protect our investment so skaters can use the park for years to come.

    Thank you for raising the issue to me as I was not aware there was that serious of a problem.

  • Debby said,

    Hi Bob -

    I totally understand the need to advertise for your campaign – however, you may not be aware of the placement of some of your signs.

    The one that is of concern to me is the huge one on the fence at the bottom of Golden Hill & Prospect Sts.

    It is difficult enough trying to turn left out of Golden Hill onto Prospect St during rush hours- Now your sign obstructs the view of oncoming traffic from the right, making it dangerous to pull out.

    This particular spot is also a school bus stop.

    Would it possible to have that sign removed & placed elsewhere?

    Thanks in advance for your attention to this matter.

  • Bob said,

    Hi Debby.

    Thank you for the heads-up. That is a busy intersection and difficult to navigate. I just saw that sign over the weekend. We will inform our sign committee and see if it can be relocated to a safer location. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Connie Butler said,

    Dear Bob,
    If elected mayor, would you consider posting NO LITTERING signs on some of Naugatuck’s rural streets? Unfortunately, the careless disposal of bottles and other debris has become all too common and shows a lack of respect for our community. In addition, littered streets are not a welcoming sign to those looking to invest in Naugatuck’s future.
    Good luck in your campaign.

  • Bob said,

    Hi Connie:

    Thanks for your question. I would certainly consider posting additional “No Littering” signs if there were available resources to do so. A better solution which would not cost any money is better enforcement of existing laws and ordinances. I realize that this is not easy, but we need to take a firm stand that littering and illegal dumping will not be tolerated.

    I agree that people who litter show a lack of respect for Naugatuck. Unfortunately it is difficult for government to instill personal responsibility into individuals. Stiff fines and zero tolerance may be the best way to deter such behavior.

    Have a great day.


  • Betsey Stauffer said,

    Hi Bob [though you'll always be "Bobby" to me]:
    Congratulations on your victory! When I voted for you, despite my registered Republican status, I knew I was voting for the better candidate. Since you were 8,I’ve always had high expectations for you..I’m glad to see you are living up to them! Best of luck for your next 2 years.
    Betsey [Ms. Stauffer, your third grade teacher]

  • Bob said,

    Hi Ms. Stauffer.

    Thank you for the kind words. I still have friends who call me “Bobby” :)

    We had people of all political persuasions working on our campaign. It was a true team effort.

    I had many excellent teachers throughout my years in public schools – and you were one of them. I am grateful that you shared your time and talent with so many students over the years.

    Best wishes to you and your family.

  • Samantha Stirk said,

    I am sure that I am not the only person in town that knows that there is a field in Fawn Meadow…I use it as my personal doggy run ever morning…Did the town have my poochie in mind when they set aside this space? It was my understanding that it would be used as a practice field someday.(Please correct me if I am wrong.) With referendums being tossed around and everyone argueing about Gunntown Rd… Why is this space not being utilized?
    Thanks Bob,
    Samantha Stirk

  • Bob said,

    Hi Samantha:

    All potential fields, both publicly and privately owned are being analyzed by our engineering department and by the newly-formed Naugatuck Sports and Support Group. Each site is being ranked across a variety of categories including ownership, size, installation cost, utilities, water, environmental impact, neighborhood impact, lighting, etc. The Fawn Meadow field is included as is Gunntown.

    From what I know about the Fawn Meadow field, there are still some costs associated with constructing a field.

    Thanks for your comments and hope you are well.


  • Daniel in Naugatuck said,

    Hello Mr. Bob Mezzo,
    I saw your Polls and the Guntown Property was no longer taking votes. Well, I still wanted you to hear my vote on it.
    – Active Recreational Space (53%, 109 Votes)
    ******Passive Open Space (40%, 83 Votes)********
    – Sell the Property (7%, 14 Votes)

    I Strongly believe that this property would be best if it were kept a Passive Open Space rather than plowed down to for an example a football field. Thanks for listening to us citizens!!


  • Bob said,

    Hi Daniel:

    Please link to poll archives and you should still be able to vote on previous polls.

    Thanks for your comments.


  • carissa said,

    Mr. Mezzo I think that this purposal is not only extremely reasonable I’m glad that you have the guts to stand up for what you know must happen. I am currently writing a story on this whole situation for Naugatuck High School’s website. Please feel free to contact me with further information. Thank you!
    - Carissa

  • Joseph Eastwood said,

    Mr Mayor, My name is Joseph Eastwood. I am working with two different companies;Positive Energy and Applied Energy Solutions. At Positive Energy we can lower the electric supply rate by 10 to 12%. At Applied Energy we will go into a building and rebuild the light fixtures,replace bulbs,install new fixtures where necessary and in turn this will reduce electrical consumption by up to 40%. We can do this to every building the city of Naugatuck owns. By doing this the budget would be reduced immensely. Please contact me so I can show you how this can be done.

  • K. Baruth said,

    Hello Mayor Mezzo:

    In reading the July 9th, 2010 article in the Citizen’s News entitled, “Officials weigh pros and cons of proposed dog park,” I believe that this is a cause that the town of Naugatuck should adamantly support. I regularly drive from Naugatuck to Southbury to enjoy the excitement and activity of their dog park where well-behaved dogs are able to socialize and play in a relatively enclosed field while being monitored by owners since our town does not presently have such a facility. I have traveled to dog parks in several states and believe that Naugatuck can benefit from this type of recreation area for a multitude of reasons too many to list here. Just to provide a couple, citizens of all ages would enjoy a cost-free and drug-free venue while theoretically engaging themselves and their dogs in physical activity while also socializing with neighbors and friends. Additionally, the town could receive increased revenue from park participants who would be likely to spend time and money in Naugatuck while using the dog park’s facilities. The park could also be an additional attraction to accompany many of the proposed renovations or additions such as Renaissance Place and other area ideas related to economic development. Please strongly consider investing time in finding grants or financial sources of support to make this wonderful community-based idea a reality for generations to come to enjoy. Best, K. Baruth

  • Bob said,

    Hi Ms. Baruth:

    Thank you for your thoughts and support for a potential dog park in Naugatuck. I agree with the sentiments expressed in your email. As an owner of an adopted racing greyhound (Casey), I share your love of animals and the joy they bring to so many lives. While Casey is not very social, I realize that many dogs and their owners would benefit from an active park.

    We will certainly seek funding opportunities, but please realize that the economic climates in Hartford and Washington provide limited avenues for such dollars. I will speak with Mr. Vitale and gladly discuss some thoughts on the best way to approach this issue.

    Thanks again for writing and all the work you and the other committee members have contributed to this project. Have a great day.


  • K. Baruth said,

    Mayor Mezzo – Thank you for your comments. I do believe I have seen a picture of the two of you in the paper in the past. Thank you for giving a wonderful home to Casey. Do you believe that the dog park is going to be a reality from your perspective and knowing more about the economic climate in the state than I as a common citizen? It would be a great addition to the town and I was just curious as are other citizens. Thank you for your support. Best, K.

  • Anonymous said,

  • Donna Andrulat said,

    I can never say enough about how caring and supportive your office and Edward Carter truely is I have encountered a very bad situation and Mr,Carter made such a big diffrence in my life taking the time out to understand and investigate my situation I live at the Trowbridge Apt building and it recently was flooded with no where to turn and noone understanding how devasting this situation is Mr,Carter went out of his way to show support and make sure I am safe and justice was served Thank-You aND Mr,Carter for showing me that your office truely cares Noone can ever understand unless they have been in this same situation what a diffrence one person in your office can make being professional and caring.
    Thank-You Sincerly,Donna Andrulat

  • Shaun said,

    Mr. Mayor, my church, Pinebrook Assembly of God, wanted to participate in the Naugatuck Arts Festival on 9-29. The reason given was that they were afraid that the program was too religious. Not for nothing, but the program was about the consequences of drug, alcohol abuse, and drunk driving featuring talking puppets as hearts, lungs, liver and brain. There are also puppets featured as a doctor and some actual humans. Personally, I can’t understand why we were not allowed to perform there even if it was a really religious play. I know that some people would be upset, but we were turned down because of religion. This play is geared toward small children. It is indeed disappointing to be treated this way. I don’t want to cause trouble, but nothing was said about religious organizations being excluded from the festival in any of the literature, emails or flyers. Please help me to understand what is going on. We were not going to sell anything, we were going to hand out health pamphlets, maybe some crayons and coloring books. Again, please help me understand, how, the town that holds the biggest Memorial Day Parade in the state to honor veterans, veterans who died so that we can live free, has made such an issue of a play that was produced by a church. Thank you.

  • Sandy said,


    Could you let us know when the streets are going to be cleared? I understand that this is a bid job, but if we knew the plan as to when what street is going to be cleared we could be more understanding rather than just hearing nothing. When the other storms hit we received messages all the time, today we have only received one message.

  • Susan said,

    Don’t let the negative get to you; you are doing a great job; a big Thank you to you and all that working non-stop to help us out of this situation;some people vent the wrong way

  • dave said,

    can Tudor la get taken care of the contractor only did celetano and a homeowner plowed carriage dr

  • Jan Mizeski said,

    Hello Bob,

    Is there an electronic copy of the BOE budget available?

    Thank You

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