Naugatuck High School Referendum Passes – 11/8/2011

Posted by Bob on November 8, 2011 under Daily Blogs, Naugatuck High School Renovation | 6 Comments to Read

Unofficial Naugatuck High School Renovate-as-New Referendum totals, including absentee ballots, are as follows:

  • Yes – 1777
  • No –    947

Five (5) ballots are being hand-handed and one (1) absentee ballot was rejected.

  • Leigh Ann said,

    Woohoo!!!! So happy for this town. And the citizens said, “Yes, in this town!”

  • Liz said,

    The school does not need to be renovated. That money could be put towards something else

  • Melanie said,

    I agree with you Liz. This is aweful. What are people thinking? Yes, the school may need alot of work, but if you’re going to spend money now, I think there are many other places that it could be used and I’m sure there are many other people who would agree with me – I’m just talking for them. The economy is in real bad shape and so is the state and all the town wants to do is build a new high school- bad idea. Doesn’t anybody think the timing is way off at this time. The last thing we need is to have taxes go up again. And if there is a re-evalution next year, there go the taxes even more, what a horrible decision at this time. Yeah, because a new high school is going to bring in such much revenue to the town, way to go. That’s politics for you.

  • Liz said,

    Nicely said Melanie!

  • David said,

    Either pay now, or pay later. Young people and young families in our town needed it, and needed it now. Ever smell how bad the auditorium smells at times? I think ALL the schools in Naugatuck need renovation, except Salem School, which we need to close because it is a drain on the town budget.
    I am not surprised at the lack of voter turnout, but I thought there would be more people in this town who actually care.

  • Steve said,

    Congrats Mayor. The oped on your website was heartfelt. It’s a pretty simple equation really – invest in our future today or be left behind tomorrow.

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