Naugatuck High School Renovation Process Update – 11/22/2011

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Borough Comptroller and Board of Education Business Manager issued the following information clarifying the process moving forward with regard to the Naugatuck High School Renovate-as-New project:

“The Building Committee has published an RFQ and fee proposal (request for qualifications) for the submission by architectural firms to design the project. The RFQ submissions are due on November 30, 2011. The Borough Purchasing Agent will open the proposals, review them for completeness and submit them to the Building Committee. A subcommittee of the Building Committee will meet on the 30th to review the submissions and select four firms to be interviewed by the full committee on December 7, 2011. Subsequent to the interviews and presentations of the four firms the committee will select one firm. It is expected that the committee will perform a due diligence review of the selected firm. If everything is in order to the satisfaction of the full committee that firm will be presented for approval by the Borough Board at a special meeting of the Borough Board on December 14, 2011.

Once approved, the selected firm will begin the process of document and design preparation for submission to the state for approval. The state reviews all aspects of the project to ensure that it meets Building Code requirements, Health and Safety requirements, ADA requirements etc.

The application for this project allows the state’s review team to schedule sufficient time to review the multitude of documents required for this project. One component of the review process will be for the state to determine the eligible and ineligible costs for the project. Eligible costs are those costs that are reimbursable by the state. The estimate of reimbursable costs will be known upon completion of the final document review. Final reimbursement will be determined after the state audit of the completed project.”

Mr. McAllister is also a member of the Building Committee.

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