Blizzard Charlotte Update – 2/8/2013

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Blizzard Charlotte (a/k/a Nemo) has begun to increase in intensity, and conditions are predicted to worsen early this evening and continue through the morning (2/9/2013).  Snow fall up to five (5”) inches per hour is possible from 6:00 PM today (2/8/2013) through 6:00 AM tomorrow (2/9/2013), creating hazardous conditions and minimal visibility.  Wind gusts up to forty (40) miles per hour are expected.

Residents should avoid traveling until the storm is over.  Governor Malloy has advised communities to expect a travel ban on all state roads, and local roads should only be used by emergency management personnel.

Residents should shelter in their homes until the storm is over.  Due to hazardous conditions, public safety personnel will only be responding to emergency calls during the height of the storm.  Any assistance that can be provided to a neighbor in need is greatly appreciated.  Residents with emergency situations should contact 911 for assistance.  Emergency Management Officials will consider the need for sheltering facilities in the morning (2/9/2013), after assessing damage.  Contingency plans have already been made to do so.

Connecticut Light and Power (“CL&P”) officials predict moderate power outages statewide, with the possibility of up to thirty (30%) percent of customers losing power.  Please report outages directly to CL&P at 1-800-286-2000, or electronically at  Please be prepared for extended power outages, as emergency calls and road clearance issues will be addressed before restoration efforts begin.  This could take days depending on the actual volume of power outages.

Residents must comply with the parking ban that is in effect until further notice.  A list of exempted streets is available on the Borough’s website at  Any vehicles impeding access of public safety and public works vehicles will be towed.

Naugatuck’s Emergency Operations Center (“EOC”) has been activated in a monitoring capacity at the Naugatuck Fire Station since 10:00 AM today (2/8/2013).  All resources are available to public safety and public works departments to respond to the blizzard.  We have been in contact with our CL&P representative and will work closely with CL&P to address potentially dangerous power line issues and/or outages resulting from the storm.  Emergency management officials will analyze the need to expand EOC capacity after assessing damage tomorrow (2/9/2013) morning.

A state of emergency declaration has been made in Naugatuck effective 8:00 AM this morning (2/8/2013) (The version attached includes my signature.  Fire Chief Hanks has attested the original and is in possession of the same).  Governor Malloy has issued a Declaration of Civil Preparedness Emergency earlier today (2/8/2013).  Please respect the magnitude of this blizzard and remain home throughout its duration.  Be safe.

UPDATE – 3:45 PM (2/8/2013) – Governor Malloy Issues Travel Ban

Governor Malloy has issued a travel ban for state limited access highways beginning at 4:00 PM today (2/8/2013).  Details can be viewed here.

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