Governor Lifts Travel Ban / Local Road Remain Hazardous – 2/9/2013, 4:00 PM

Posted by Bob on February 9, 2013 under Daily Blogs | 13 Comments to Read

Governor Malloy has issued a statement lifting the statewide travel ban effective 4:00 PM today (2/9/2013).  Although the statewide travel ban has been lifted, we strongly urge residents to refrain from travel if at all possible.  Most local roads remain impassible at this time and driving conditions are dangerous.  Public Works crews and contractors will be unable to clear roads if cars become stranded and block access.

  • Vicki Krooss said,

    Hey Bob thanks for all you have done for the town keeping us up to speed. Did the bigger trucks get repairs needed so we can be dug out? I’m just worried because it going to be very cold tonight and it may freeze. Thanks again


  • Chris said,

    Is there an estimate for when the local roads might be cleared?

  • Jim said,

    There are rumors that the town does not have access to large trucks to plow the side streets that were never plowed and may have 3-4 foot drifts. Any truth to the rumor and what is the plan?

  • Sandy said,

    I’m with Chris when Sandy hit we got phone calls all the time, I have only gotten one phone call today. I would love to hear a plan as to when streets are going to be cleaned up.

  • Debby's said,

    I’m also wondering when we will get plowed out its 510pm

  • Gorman Street Residents said,

    Why can’t we get updates? What’s going in Naugy? I hope nobody is abandoning us we don’t get any updates or information only had 1 phone call today!!! What’s up?

  • Dennis Jones said,

    Bob thank you and your team for your efforts and keeping us informed!

  • John said,

    It sure would be nice to have some info as to when we will be opened up on Meadow Lark Rd. Once we get out of here I then have to go dig out my business in hopes of earning a living on Monday.

  • Erika O said,

    Yes please! My husband works for state of CT DOT in Fairfield county, after 24+ hours of plowing highways, he’d love to be able to come home to a warm bed! Still no word on when our street will be plowed or the main road!!! Please update us as I’ve been calling DPW all day and have gotten no where… He’d love to know when he can drive home!

  • Scott Conover said,

    Hi, I understand all this is a pain to hear, I just need my road plowed by morning so I can get to work.
    (MARC ST)

  • Judie Ahmed said,

    We have plans to depart from Laguardia at 9am. I am planning to leave Naugatuck at 4:30 or 5am.Will Visconti Drive be plowed by then? I need to know if I should cancel our flight.

  • Chris said,

    Ken Hanks
    7:12 pm on Saturday, February 9, 2013
    Justin, another message will be going out shortly.
    As of the current time, the Borough has the following Public Works and Contractor equipment plowing roads and removing snow: 5 loaders, 5 large plow trucks and 2 backhoes. Crews are currently working in multiple locations attempting to open and widen main roads, and are beginning to address some of the side streets off the main roads.

    FYI this was originally posted in the comments here

  • Bob said,

    We will gladly post a list of expected times if we could provide one that would be accurate. It is taking an incredibly long time to plow small sections of road due to the volume. Two (2) of our large trucks were down this morning, and others were being used to respond to people who were stranded and stuck. This includes Borough personnel who got stuck plowing, and two police officers who could not come-down from Andrew Mountain (they were apparently had to respond to a domestic matter at the height of the storm). No one locally was waiting around for the travel ban to expire.

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