Latest Blizzard Update – 2/9/2013, 7:30 PM

Posted by Bob on February 9, 2013 under Daily Blogs | 20 Comments to Read

Naugatuck’s Emergency Operations Center (“EOC”) will remain activated at the Naugatuck Fire Station until further notice.  As of the current time, the Borough has the following Public Works and Contractor equipment plowing roads and removing snow: five (5) loaders, five (5) large plow trucks and two (2) backhoes.  Crews are currently working in multiple locations attempting to open and widen main roads, and are beginning to address some of the side streets off the main roads.

Many communities throughout Connecticut are experiencing the same difficulty removing the large amount of snow that accumulated during the blizzard.  The small plow trucks in the Borough’s fleet are not effective for clearing large amounts of snow from our roads.  While we understand that this is frustrating for many, we appreciate everyone’s patience as our crews work throughout the night to open streets and allow for safe passage on our roads.

Travel remains dangerous throughout the Borough.  While Governor Malloy has lifted the statewide travel ban, we strongly urge all residents to refrain from travel if at all possible.

If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911.  For all non-emergency calls, please contact the Naugatuck Fire Department at 203-720-7083.

Please make sure your furnace vent, if it exits out the side of your house, is clear of snow.  Dangerous levels of carbon monoxide will build up inside if the pipe is blocked.

  • Anthony Padillo said,

    Is there a possibility the school system will be open on Monday?

  • Fred Napoli said,


    I live on Peppermill Court and we have not been plowed since 3pm on Friday. Please help. Thank you

  • Scott Conover said,

    I completely understand that you guys are doing all you can. I just need a small path made through Marc st, by tom. morning. I have to go to work. I have a store that HAS to be opened and running.

  • Kelly said,

    I remember growing up in Ct it seems like we got feet of snow every other day all winter long…how did we handle it back then? What I cant understand is the snow started early friday morning snowed all evening and all night…today was bright and sunny…we had travel ban,all roads were 99% free of traffic…i would think alot of plowing could have been accomplished,but for some reason the town waited to night fall till the travel ban was lifted to start on main road in naugatuck,first plow came thru 5 pm…my fiance up on the hill lord only knows when his road will get plowed…but now that the plows are out im sure doing all they can…and in the next couple days we will all be back to normal

  • Ben Johnson said,

    It would be very helpful to know which areas are going to be plowed or are being worked on at least by voting poll area, etc. It is very frustrating that we have the driveways cleared but can’t get out due to the main roads. Maybe there could be a Facebook page set up to help with this or something?

  • Dan said,

    This is pathetic… I was able to drive through Waterbury, Oxford and Prospect with no issues. However, Naugauck is like the artic circle, the roads are awful and most are not touched!!

    Trade in the new ford taurus police cars for some snow plows!!! Great budgeting and planning!!

  • Rob said,

    I understand this was a bad storm and I’ve been patient. But this is getting out of hand. My road hasn’t been plowed yet (Sheffield lane). Where are my taxes going?

  • Sam said,

    This town is not managed properly. We haven’t seen a plow since Friday. Not even once. I came home at 5 pm on Friday. There was already on foot of snow, not a single truck came at all.

  • Gino said,

    All I can say, shame on the people running this town. For sure no preparation.
    Unbelievable, I have family loving in other surrounding towns, all are pretty much up and running.

  • Samantha said,

    Good Golly people….quit your whining!!!! You are warm and dry in your homes with your utilities on…..Please have a glass of Wine and relax!

  • Rick said,

    I’m on Visconti drive right now stuck at my parents… We are supposed to leave for vacation at 5 am…. Your plows came and plowed the st except for 30 feet in front of our driveway so we cannot get out… Why would they do that?? I mean, they were here, they plowed, but for some reason they only left snow in front of our house?!?! And not ten,mor fifteen or even a half our of shoveling they left like 5 hours worth!!! PLEASE help me understand this!!!

  • Jason k. said,

    Good Golly Samantha, some people need to work tomorrow morning and plan ahead for coverage. This isn’t whining, it’s trying to plan unlike our town officials.

    After you and Bob finish that bottle of wine, please tell him to find some snow plows for us tax payers.

  • Rick said,

    Ok I take it all back they just started plowing our cul de sac !!!! Great job !!!!!! Sorry!!!!!

  • Rick said,

    Wait and he did it and half way and left again!!!!!! WHY ?!?!!!’ Why don’t they just finish it !!!!!!!????

  • Claudia said,

    I too would like to have an estimated time for my road to get plowed. I understand that there is a lot to do and some unforeseen issues arose, but I need to get to the grocery store. I’m not asking for my street to get done at the blink of an eye, but I think everyone will agree a proposed schedule would be great.

  • Chris said,

    How could emergency crews even GET to any of us whom are still stuck without a road? PLEASE tell me that there IS a SUCCESSFUL PLAN IN PLACE for this, because, quite frankly, I’m not so inclined to believe in the town’s management right about now.

    I’m thinking that the new automated refuse/recycling money could have better been spent on loaders, larger plows, etc. Since, you know, we do live in New England and all.

  • Missy said,

    I sincerely hope they are working straight through because this situation is so very dangerous! Cannot even walk through this!

  • Penny said,

    Any idea when Osborn Rd/Celantano/ Tudor Lane will be done? Haven’t seen a plow since this storm started Friday. I totally understand things are taking a long time because of the amount of snow but we need to get out to get to work, I know alot of people are losing time from work and won’t get paid for it and certain employers are not understanding which to me is ridiculous, we cannot get out of our driveway yet they don’t care. Again, any idea??

  • Lauren said,

    Indian hills was on the list yesterday to be plowed, but we yet to see a plow, todays list is all Andrew hill area and Indian hills is no longer on it? i know its a lot of work to remove all this snow…and i am not a complainer.. but i feel you just told us that to passify us at the moment… SO any IDEA when indian hills area will get plowed? and to be specific, 1/2 of Evening star was plow and inwood was plowed and they left… this was saturday afternoon..

  • Monique F. Winters said,

    The significant snow accumulation has compromised the Borough’s ability to plow roads. Smaller plow trucks are ineffective against this much snow, and even the large plows have experienced problems throughout the night and early morning. We ask your patience as we attempt to plow streets throughout the day this Saturday (2/9/2013).

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