Roads Scheduled for Plowing – 2/10/2013, 12:00 Midnight

Posted by Bob on February 10, 2013 under Daily Blogs | 85 Comments to Read

The following roads and hopefully surrounding areas are scheduled for plowing/snow clearing during the overnight and day today (2/10/2013):

Overnight (2/10/2013)

  • King Street
  • May Street
  • BridleTrail
  • Field Street
  • Mill Street
  • Millville Ave
  • Conrad
  • Webb Road

Daytime (2/10/2013)

  • Hunters Mt. Road
  • Andrew Mt.
  • Webb Rd
  • Clark RD
  • Wooster
  • Lorann Drive Area
  • Indian Hills Area North
  • Indian Hills Area South
  • Beacon Manor  Area
  • Nettleton Area

This list is not intended to be exhaustive and is certainly subject to change based on the ability to obtain additional, contractor resources and/or emergency calls requiring plowing assistance.  I asked the Department of Public Works to provide a general idea of the areas that will be addressed.  We will be issuing another Code Red message and further updates after the statewide conference call today (2/10/2013) at 11:00 AM.

  • Stefanie Cagno said,

    Can I assume that since Andrew Mountain is scheduled for plowing during the day on Sunday, Andrew Avenue is as well? My 88-year-old grandmother lives by herself on Andrew Ave. Extension and we would like to be able to get to her in the event that something happens.

  • Barbara Gaspar said,

    Thanks Bob..I just hope everyone understands how hard the town crews are working..and appreciates the fact that they would much rather be home with their families at a time like this..thank you

  • Jen said,

    So..what you are saying is…supposedly from your call earlier there are over 10 different plows…but according to your list 8 streets are to be done tonight and 10 tomorrow. So that means…basically one plow per one street will be all thats accomplished or at least scheduled to be accomplished…….all day long?????

  • Jen said,

    ok I just re-read that…some are ‘areas’. Regardless…this is completely unnacceptable and utterly ridiculous

  • gahjksldfdsa said,

    Mister mayor I am very disappointed in you during this storm you really let it get out of control before trying to take care of it. I hope by the time the rain comes on Monday you have this mess fixed, some of us have jobs in other towns that are completely clear unlike Naugatuck . . . . .

  • Ted Peil said,

    Thanks Bob best news of the weekend other than everyones safe big thumbs up!!

  • Ray said,

    I only wish I had known beforehand that the strategy to deal with the snow was going to be do nothing for the first day and let it all pile up before starting to plow . Naturally I would have prepared to be stranded for much longer than I originally anticipated when I assumed the town was going to be on top of the situation . In the future , we may want to consider trying to deal with it as it accumulates , before it gets to the point where the equipment and manpower available is insufficient to handle the volume . Seems like it would have be en a lot easier to plow 10 inches 3 times than to try to plow 30 inches in one shot . I haven’t seen a plow since the storm started , early Friday morning . I’m not on the list for tomorrow , either …and seeing that they now are estimating only being able to plow out 10 streets / areas a day , it’s looking like it might be quite a while to get to all of us at that rate . Just hope there aren’t any medical emergencies in my neighborhood , there no way any vehicles are getting in or out .

  • Larry said,

    I agree with the above poster, now we are stuck for another day and cannot get out at ALL because no effort was made to clear the snow as it accumulated. I understand the need for public safety which is probably why no one was sent out but this is worse when you can’t even get out of your house if you need to due to poor planning and lack of equipment after the snow.

  • Judith SanAngelo said,

    Mayor Bob: Since Crestwood Drive is not on the list for Sunday plowing, can the residents of Crestwood obtain a a tentative schedule of when our street will be plowed?

  • Javier rosado said,

    Many communities and towns to our west fared better and are actually cleared. Are there any plans in place to bring in outside help or do you intend just to use town resources only? Please consider additional resources to make this happen. Open up the roads somewhat with the heavy equipment and let the contractors finish them up. It’s time to start thinking out the box.

  • Ed said,

    How are we suppose to get to work if we have to be there today? I can get on then highway but not out of my neghiborhood. I pay high property taxes for this, unacceptable. I will remember this poor management at election time. I have never seen such mismanagement from all levels of government here in Naugatuck.

  • Dianne said,

    I agree with the above statement . I have not see a plow at all during the entire atorm. Not ONE all day Friday.. Other towns are all clear. As far as work my family has already lost money and looks like today will be the same no work for the little people. So who will buy my groceries next week? At least make a single pass one lane something for safety reasons and emergencies. I agree the town did not prepare at all..other towns plowed during the storm we stopped…

  • Candace said,

    I don’t see Spencer on the list so I guess it does not matter that we will have a whole slew of people stuck on it tomorrow trying to get to work at Chemtura and Kuhne and Nagel on Monday morning. I am sure those companys will be thinking about why they stay in Naugatuck. I hope that you hire some outside contractors. How about some local guys with payloaders. Why don;t you give Linewebbers a call I am sure they would come get us cleaned up.

  • Jessie said,

    Dear mayor… I have not seen one plow since Friday afternoon. I was suppose to go into work at a hotel in Southbury yesterday to take care of all the cl&p guys who were prepared for this storm, unlike you. Now here it is Sunday and I still haven’t seen one plow up on Osborn. If I get fired from my job because YOU decided to not have people out cleaning the roads earlier, will you pay my bills? Didn’t think so. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.

  • Melbourne St Resident said,

    Where are the plows I saw 2 small trucks out around 5-6pm Friday evening. NOTHING SINCE PLOWS ARE NOT RUNNING 24X7 here in NAUAGTUCK !!!! THAT IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE. and to boot where are you MISTER MAYOR ??? WHERE ARE YOU DPW MANAGERS, I BET THEY CLEARED THE STREETS THEY LIVE ON YOU KNOW RAIN IS ON IT’S WAY SO THIS MEANS 2 FEET OF ICE !!! . How are we suppose to get to work if we have to be there today or tomorrow ? I can get on then highway but not out of my neighborhood.Did you really think you would be able to handle the storm after it was over? Why weren’t the PLOW TRUCKS OUT IN FULL FORCE FRIDAY NIGHT TO KEEP UP WITH SNOW FALL throughout the storm now plowing make no different because the base is ice?? I pay high property taxes for this, unacceptable.

  • Melbourne St Resident said,

    YES I CALLED BOTH YOU AND DPW NO ANSWER AND YOU’RE Deferring calls to NFD And they have no answers !!! Website update 12hours ago POOR Excuse for a MAYOR AND DPW during this storm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SHOW YOUR FACE GIVE THE TAX PAYING CITIZENS A EXPECTATION OF WHAT THE BOROUGH IS DOING!!!! SORRY SO FAR IT’S JUST NOT ENOUGH !!!!!

  • Eliie Ruggles said,

    I know everyone is busy , & tempers are flaring, however the Ridge ( Osorn, off of Rte 63) has not been touched. We have a lot of children & some elderly , that may need services. I wish I could get to them to help, unfortunately I can’t walk in all that snow! Can we be scheduled soon?

  • Frank said,

    I cannot agree LESS with everyones negative comments. I work as a paramedic in 5 lower valley communities and WORKED from start to finish of this storm. While most of you slept we were getting an unheard of 4-6″ of snow an hour… Yes in an hour. The towns even with Huge equipment were stranded. 28 hours I worked and 28 hours I was unable to make it to many homes who called 911 with a emergency. However those I did make it to it was only because of the dedication of the public works department who plowed/shoveled and backowed to get us there.

    Yes there are open roads out there, but for everyone open and passable, there are 4 others that have yet to be plowed or cleared by what ever method availible.

    Yes I cannot get into my own driveway something different then many who can’t get out. This storm just like the hurricane we endured and freak snowstorms we have weathered will become a line on a news paper, but how our comminuty dealt with it will live on for years. Check on your neighbor even invite that elderly neighbor over for dinner, or coffee or bring them something. Have your children shovel a walk or assist someone in cleaning a driveway. Let our town employees from our Mayor to our first responders to our puplic works do the best they can under the worse conditions.

    They are trully doing there best.

  • Melbourne St Resident said,

    Sorry Frank this is DAY 3 not 1 plow on my road ,

    If the Mayor and the DPW would keep the site update and show there faces call a news station and update the residents this is BS I know this is a FREAK STORM = FREAK RESPONSE !!!! Bet taxes will be going up after this !!!!!!!!!!

  • Candace said,

    Frank-No one feels like you are not working your hardest what we are upset about is that mayor is not hiring outside contractors with payloaders to support you in your efforts. As a tax paying resident I have a right to question why this is taking so long. We just want you to have the help needed to support you doing the job. take care and be safe out there thanks for your hard work.

  • Paul Becker said,

    Let’s organize some snow-shovel brigades!

  • Ed said,

    Just remember this on election time plain and simple. Seems the only time politicians care is at election time. I have not seen one plow since Friday. I pay taxes so is my right to question the substandard response to snow removal by the town.

  • Larry said,

    Frank thanks for working your hardest but I believe this storm is no different at least in my area than the Freak storm we had in 2011. Response time was much better after that storm. The snow on Friday ,all day was steady but not outrageous, not one single pass by a plow when normally there would be. I don’t mean to second guess anyone, but I think suspending garbage pick up to use resources for plowing may have been a better choice

  • Zé Manco said,

    Stop the bitching
    The whole state got almost 3 feet dumped on
    You all live in New England, it snows every year

    You were all told to prepare for this storm , if you didn’t shame on you , you had plenty of notice

    Whining on here isn’t going to get your street plowed any faster

  • Jason k. said,

    Bob, you managing is pathetic. Now I know why this town is such a dump.

  • Larry said,

    It might

  • Jessie said,

    It’s snows every year, you’re right. Why wasn’t the town of Naugatuck prepared?

  • Applewood lane resident said,

    Mr. Mayor, im going to spare you the could’ve n should’ve but you really get off your rear. Get on that phone pulling every resource into this town and get these streets at least one lane access. We have many children n elderly that need our assistance and we cant get to them this entite area is completely under at least 3 feet of snow. This is totally unacceptable!!!!

  • John said,

    Well finally some information. About two days late on that. It is amazing how you bitched at CL&P for not serving us fast enough during Sandy and now that it is your turn to act you failed us totaly. I think we should fine you like the gov’t fined cl&p! Maybe we need to hire a real manager and can this political garbage.

  • gary said,

    Wow! The town of Naugatuck, and especially you Mr. Mayor, should be embarrassed with how the way the snow removal was handled during and after this storm. Like many tax-paying residents, I live with an elderly family member and one with special needs. Not only would it be impossible for help to reach them if need be, but we are being lied to and misled about the towns’ efforts to clear our streets.

  • Chris said,

    Mr. Mayor,

    There is a police truck with a plow attached SITTING at the Naugatuck Police Station.

    Why isnt ths resource helping the town????

    This is absurd!!!

    So you are telling me the police truck is only used for the police station parking lot!?!? What a joke!

  • Kelly said,

    Really…..everyone. RELAX. 3Ft of snow. What do you expect. Get off your butts and start shoveling. The town is doing the best they can.

  • Jen said,

    I can see from my house that City Hill St is clear but my street hasn’t been touched since friday morning. I do not even see my area on this list (except for May st). Am I to assume that my street will be last (it’s a dead end) or it has been forgotten again! Most storms each homeowner has to call the town to “remind” them to plow our street.

  • Cynthia Pucci said,

    This is unacceptable . Poor guys working for street department. Mr mayor get put there with all your administrators and plow roads. Your tax collector included

  • Eliie Ruggles said,

    For all the posters complaining, here’s a thought, get out & shovel. My husband and neighbors were out last night with their snow blowers doing parts of the road to make a pass so we can have a way out!

  • Tammy said,

    When is Osborne rd/ Tudor lane (the ridge area) fit into the scheule?
    I know you guys are working hard but it truly seems the town was not prepred.
    Please provide more details if you can on the ridge area there are tons of homes up here…

  • Chris said,

    @ Ellie. I want to see my taxes at work for at least something so no i wont shovel an entire road.

  • Len said,

    i have lived in CT for over 30 years and have never seen a response as terrible as this one. all this tax money and they cant even plow the roads in a timely manner. maybe the good mayor should have bought plows rather than garbage trucks last year.

  • Anita Allen said,

    Union City streets are not listed, guessing we are not expected to be done until tomorrow. Tomorrow, an ice storm is expected. What is the borough’s plan if this ice storm hits? And, I think most residents would appreciate a list of streets not expected to be touched until tomorrow. Resident above is correct. Many of us work out of town and need to inform our employers. Thank you,

  • Tammy Groves said,

    Mr Mezzo:
    Just wanted to say thank you to you and all the crews trying to remove this deep heavy snow. Having lived in Maine, where they have HUGE specialized trucks and ditches dug into the sides of all the roads to deal with removing this volume of snow, I realize we simply DON’T HAVE this kind of equipment on standby “just in case”. Preparedness should have been on the part of the citizens who were forewarned for nearly a week to be ready to be snowed in “for several days”. The storm has been officially over for less than 24 hours.

  • Larry said,

    Nobody is saying they need equipment ” just in case” . People are saying consistent plowing on Friday may have helped. Why wait until it is over?

  • Sean said,

    Everyone needs to understand our town does not have the equipment to handle this amount of snow. We had this problem two years ago. I think in the future we should have our town garbage trucks equipped with snow plows like all the cities do. As the mayor has said, our small trucks are ineffective in a storm like this.

  • June said,

    Does Bob Mezzo even know this blog exists? Or is it a sham like everything else in Naugatuck?

  • Tina said,

    I appreciate all the assistance from the NFD NPD and rDPW. In storms of long ago this storm was the norm but even then they had there moments. I have friends that husbands are snowplow drivers and in reference to a previous note there families are still stuck.It would be nice if life and backup plans were perfect but in the time and age we are in now nothing is perfect, exact or as it should be. We all see that while trying to balance our own budgets . Our backup plans need to be worked on thats a given communication needs to be updated, but we are all in this right now, patience yes needed, helping your neighbors yes needed, more help not only here but throughout state yes needed. I have not been able to get to work since friday as the rest of the adults in the amily, but thats what I thank this storm for is nobody is running any where and I get to sit, thats right sit with the grandbabies. We will make it through this but before we do going to enjoy the laughs the cold. Enjoying the babies on Woodlawn Ave

  • roger, Donovan rd said,

    The plow truck made it 3/4 of the way up Donovan, from city hill. Wooster st has had a plow go by once. My neighbors and I used our snow blowers and cleared all of Sierra Ridge and from sierra to the spot that the town stopped, we also connected. Can we please have a plow come from Wooster and connect the rest of this main artery. There are a few elderly that live in the neighborhood and I need not even say the rest. We are so close and we have ” gotten off our butts ” and done as much as we can, can we have just a little assistance. Also, I believe the residents of Naugatuck would appreciate the use of the reverse 911 system with updates as was done during previous storms. I am sure the population of town that does not use the internet would appreciate knowing what is happening. We really need to look at this whole disaster when it’s over and fix it!

  • Ed said,

    I think most of the citizens were prepared, but not the town. I just can’t get out of my street to go to work and my elderly father is snowed in. And person posted expects us to shovel streets? How many miles do you suggest we shovel?

  • Wayne said,

    Anyone on the “overnight list” get plowed yet? Or just more smoke and mirrors by the incompetents ruining this town?

  • tony said,

    does anybody live on any of these streets listed to be plowed last night or was it all a sham? I am missing my 2nd day of work today who will pay my $10000 taxes will they understand?

  • Resident said,

    Yes, we live in an area that gets snow, yes, people should be as prepared as possible, please keep in mind that some live alone, and cannot, I repeat, CANNOT afford a snowblower OR a private plow etc…I have a very large driveway that I shovel by myself. The fact that I could not keep up with this amount of snow does not make me lazy! I can’t even get TO the road, much less clear out all the crud piled on top of the 3 ft of snow at the end of my driveway by the plows. I don’t think the mayor is to blame, I DO however thing that asking for help from other towns, outside sources etc is a good idea.

  • tony said,

    bob mezzo needs to swallow his pride and cut his losses. he dropped the ball on this one.. miserably failed. poor planning and always excuses. looks like taxes will be going up next year.. time for a raise Bob isnt it we all know you put in overtime to handle this situation swiftly and properly. and to think of the elderly being stranded this is absurd. what energency response do you have in place out of curiosity? will you order a helicopter to airlift people to safety? let us know

  • Ed said,

    Funny in NYC can put plows on the garbage trucks and plow. But since Naugatuck got rid of those for those barrel dumpers town has less plowing ability.

  • Meghan said,

    To mayor mezzo & the town crews

    YOU ARE DOING A FANTASTIC JOB! Keep up the good work! This is New England folks, and y’all have been made aware for over a week that it was a probability that we were getting 2+ feet of snow dumped on us. I understand the concern for your elderly family members or what to do in case of an emergency, but come on.. Why isn’t that elderly family member staying with you if you were so concerned. If your child is sick… Why isn’t there Tylenol already in your house?! That Would be responsible parenting. I’m a mother, a single one no less…!and if I for some reason didnt have Tylenol or Motrin in my home… (And my road isn’t plowed) I would bundle up and hoof it until I found some Tylenol for my son. Whatever it takes. To those with young babies that require wipes, diapers, etc… YOU SHOULD HAVE PREPARED FOR A SITUATION LIKE THIS. The news, radio, code red phone calls, those all have been keeping us informed and up to date all week long. This is no ones fault but your own. It so easy to point fingers and place the blame on someone else instead of taking responsibility for being a complete moron. You should ALWAYS prepare for the worst and hope for the best. You’re a parent… That scares me.
    Mayor mezzo has been doing a wonderful job keeping us informed. Last time I checked, he did not single handedly dump 3 feet of snow on our borough. Take responsibility folks, this is no ones fault but your own for not being appropriately prepared. Appreciate what and who your with. There’s people out there with much larger issues than being snowed in with their families. Stop complaining and being lazy. Pick up a shovel, help a neighbor, and say thank you to a DOT worker today. A little appreciation and helping hands can get people a lot further in life.

    Good day, and stay safe all. Keep up the great work mr.mezzo, police and fire, and Dot Workers.

  • Gorman st Resident said,

    I think that number 1. He should of asked for help from the state and number 2 for every day our street isn’t cleaned they should deduct $300.00 off our tax bill!!! Plus pay us for the time we r our of work!!!

  • Mark said,

    Maybe if all you whiners would stop complaining about your taxes going up the town would have more money to buy more equipment.

  • Ed said,

    Funny the DOT has the highway clear! But town of Naugatuck were the ones unprepared!

  • Sean Taylor said,

    Is there any way to get a list of streets that are plowed? Are all main roads in town plowed?

  • Ed said,

    I don’t mind paying more taxes, but usually goes into someone’s pocket.

  • tony said,

    No 7am phone call this morning because our mayor is speechless

  • Susan said,

    I know that everyone is frustrated and starting to get cabin fever but attacking those that are trying their best to get us out of this mess don’t deserve anger; we are all in this together; help your neighbor the best that you can; it is easy to say these things nameless and faceless; we will be okay; we are okay right now, power, food, home, loved ones by our side; relax. As for the mayor, I think that out of all that we have had, I have never been as informed and had a more concerned mayor as Mayor Bob Mezzo; sometimes God has a way to make us stop the madness and be thankful for our family friends home, heat and food; this rat race will continue shortly; what is more important than being with your loved ones? Thank you Mayor and all that are doing their best to get us back to the normal rat race.

  • Wayne said,

    Taxes: How much higher should they be? We’re already near the top of the state’s mill list for basically nothing. If you want to give a pass for this storm, fine, but EVERY storm they do a bad job plowing. They think that crap they put on the roads before a storm is some type of magical lava that will melt through anything instead of just destroy your car’s undercarriage. Road’s are constantly marked with GIANT pot holes all times of year. Wasting money on toys like CodeRed (state grants or not, it’s still not free for us). Keep buying more soccer fields though, that’ll help.

  • Zé Manco said,

    Mr. Mezzo

    Keep up the good work

    You can’t please everybody, snow happens

  • Jon said,

    Dear Mayor Bob,

    I see you are getting quite a bit of criticism from alot of people. It is their right to do so, but, the whole state has been hit hard and with few crews, all the cleanup is going to understandably take time. Everyone needs to take a chill pill, we are home safe, warm, and should be thankful for that. For the storm we had, I think you are doing a very good job at informing the people of how things are going on to take care of the snow removal. I, am inside of my condo, and waiting to be plowed out by my condo association. I am safe, warm, and taking it slow. People want things done instantaneously. and when thet dont get what they want…they become complainers and start crying the blues. Thank you for all the updates, and the information you have provided all with so far. keep smiling and have a great day!

  • Joe said,

    You people are nuts if you think the mayor doesn’t care. He is dealing with a historic blizzard. Be patient, the plows are coming.

  • Candace said,

    LMAO to the guy who posted as Bob Mezzo you made me laugh so hard thanks for lightening the mood good job still cracking up hahahahahahahahahahah

  • Claire said,

    Amazing how quick the payloaders got to a little side street that serves our deputy mayor and a police officer. Why the special treatment?

  • Ed said,

    We need a town manager instead of Mayor. Then we can get rid of all the political B.S.

  • Melbourne St Resident said,

    So what is the towns plan when the rain start overnight tonight with the temps dropping? Most off this must be done or poor planning all around Andrew MT was passable last night, Nice NY is making it happen !!!! Where is the National Guard ??? Hey Mezzo the President Signed Emergency Declaration get on your job get some resource’s!!!!!! The pay loader (From the dump) and dump truck just went up Andrew MT RD within the last 1-2 hours.

  • Ed said,

    And maybe could of bought plows instead of spending money buying the General Data comm property.

  • Alicia said,

    My daughters boyfriend plowed all nite on fri into saturday in naugatuck (private contractor) and he was told yesterday that the town clocked them out at 3 am. They did not rcv phone calls to stop plowing…so now they worked 14 hrs w/o pay? Also I called the EOC to let them know we have no access to get to our horse barn from stonefence…still not plowed, were only 3 houses in off of jones.

  • Eddie said,

    If the town of Naugatuck was honing to do nothing. Until all the snow pile up. I think it was all bad magement. The worker,s do A great job. It,s the one,s who sit in to office manage that need to be replace

  • Andrew Mountain Road Resident said,

    Pathetic response!!! Why where the resources not in place before the storm???!!! We knew that this was a big storm days in advance. Another typical Democrat example of leading from behind!!!!

  • Melbourne St Resident said,

    OR maybe extend the dump hours throughout the whole year What freaking town has a dump open seasonally unreal. yeah a couple a months a year and limited on the amount of brush that can be brought to a dumpster that gets hauled away one dumpster for brush what is the population of this town? once dumpster is full good luck with the truck full of brush!!!!! GET REAL , guy says only 1-2 loads a day to accommodate others really you think one dumpster will suffice. The Town owns open space folks should haul brush to open space have mulch companies buy it called recycling more cash to town pockets…. So for all that say town management are doing the best they can PLEASE GET REAL !!!!!!! DPW should be on 12 hour shifts until each road is passable they widen as they can !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • valerie said,

    My street or any of the surrounding streets are not on this schedule. What does that mean? I have missed 3 shifts at work cause we cant get off the hill. I can’t afford to miss any more. I haven’t seem my husband since Thursday cause he can’t get home. What do we do?

  • Doug said,

    ONE HELLUVA JOB!! Saturday 8:30PM small Borough plow gets 75 yards up one-way Gorman Street, gets stuck and is pulled out by another Borough truck, and they’re gone.
    They left an impassable wall of snow blocking the street.
    A neighbor called Street Dept and was told this would be fixed overnight, which turned out to be a big fat LIE. It seems our street is always one of the LAST for plowing and we always have to call back many times for sanding. I know this is a big challenge but shame on street dept for abandoning this situation, and of course we are NOT on the current plow list. Better hope there is no emergency because no one is getting through.

  • Melbourne St Resident said,

    @Valerie I’m about to miss my 3rd shift at work.

  • John said,

    As to streets plowed, they just did Rough Wing and Meadow Lark south of that and then left. That was about 45 min ago.

  • rob dwy said,

    im happy to see the west side got plowed. this town is ok it’s the one’s in office that are bad.

  • A.B. said,

    GORMAN Street, the ONE-WAY SECTION, has a 6 foot high snow pile BLOCKING THE ENTIRE STREET, midway up the hill! Apparently some resident plowed his way home and left the snow in the middle of the street. I tried to get home last night after being stuck at work since the storm started, and could NOT. PLOW THE ONE-WAY SECTION OF GORMAN. Till this town does, I have to park down at Rite AID and WALK ALL THE WAY HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • denise dykes said,

    All of this threatening and blaming needs to stop. Do you hear yourselves? You’re not going to vote for the Mayor because your street wasn’t plowed promptly enough for you? Cmon! And if you watched the news during the night fri into sat the media said the plows can’t keep up with the snow. They were out there, it just doesn’t seem like it. Everyone is being so vicious it’ scary

  • Mike g said,

    Do you when longwood and and warm earth are gonna get done I haven’t seen a plow since Friday

  • Bob said,

    Hi Mike:

    There is a private contractor with big equipment working in your area. I can not give you a definite time when Longwood and/or Warm Earth will be cleared, but we are working in that direction. There are more state and private resources gradually arriving over the next twenty four (24) hours. This should drastically increase our capacity.

  • geishagirl said,

    What about pemberton and ayers st.not one plow has touched these streets.we are stuck and can’t get out of here.people have to go to work.this is rediculous.when?

  • danny d said,

    My pet gerbil has no food and he is really hungry. I cant get out of my driveway to go to a pet store and get Chappy his pellets.

  • Thankful on Seth Drive said,

    Very grateful to our neighbors on Seth Drive. We had an early morning emergency and were told that we would have our road cleared by 9am. At 2 pm and after 2 plows drove by nearby streets, each person with a snow blower helped to clear the streets. After 2 hrs, our street is finally clear. Even those neighbors who were unable to help for whatever reason had their driveways cleared so they could get their cars out. While I know nobody wants to be stuck in the house, it was a wonderful gesture by all involved and I am very grateful. Thank you all again!

  • Melbourne St Resident said,




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