Update from 12:00 Noon – 2/10/2013

Posted by Bob on February 10, 2013 under Daily Blogs | 5 Comments to Read

My blog was down temporarily.  The following is the text from the Code Red message issued around 12:00 Noon today.

Naugatuck’s Emergency Operations Center (“EOC”) will remains activated at the Naugatuck Fire Station.  The Borough has public works crews and contractors scheduled for the following areas today:  Both sections of the Indian Hills area; the Ridge off Osborn Road; Andrew Mountain Road; Anderson and School Street; between Aetna Street and Millville Avenue; and the Brittany Woods/Gail Drive area.  We are attempting to obtain additional resources, and would deploy them upon receipt to the Platts Mill and Beacon Manor areas.  All schedules are subject to changes resulting from responding to 911 emergencies.

Overnight, progress made to open and clear roads in several locations on or near: Field Street, Deepwood Road, Timothy Lane, Mill Street, North Hoadley Street, Round Hill Circle, King Street, Bridal Trail Drive, and section of Millville Avenue.  Once again, progress was slowed by the need to respond to 911 emergencies.

The Borough has once again requested additional resources from private contractors with large equipment, as well as from state sources.  The need for such equipment is very high throughout the Connecticut, and not readily available.  Personnel and contractors are working around the clock as hard as possible to clear roads and remove snow.

We realize that everyone wants information about when their particular street is being plowed.  Unfortunately a significant amount of time is being devoted by all of us responding to such phone calls, emails and other communications on social media.  We attempt to provide information about where plowing efforts are being focused as soon as it is available.  The reality is, however, that it still may be a couple days before all roads are cleared in Naugatuck and throughout most of Connecticut.  Please limit your communications to emergency management personnel and departments to emergency situations and requests for assistance.  No one’s street is going to be plowed sooner because of constant requests to do so.  Please call 911 for emergencies, and call the Naugatuck Fire Department at 203-720-7083 for all other requests for assistance.

Naugatuck Schools will be closed on Monday (2/11/2013).

Please refrain from travel if at all possible as road conditions remain hazardous in many locations.

We will have another update shortly.

  • denise dykes said,

    Thank you Mayor Mezzo, for the update. And I’m not just saying that because my street is on the list!! I wish people would stop with the negative remarks, and blaming the world that they were not prepared for this storm. We could not have been warned any more than we were.

  • Bob said,

    Thanks Denise.

    People’s comments do not bother me. I understand their frustrations, some really get angry and/or nervous when stuck during situations like this. This is human nature and happening throughout Connecticut.

    Honestly, my biggest regret years from now will be that during this memorable storm, I will not have had the chance to be snowed-in with my family and enjoy the snow while they are all still young.

    Be well.

  • Larry said,

    Barf. Oh come on

  • Chris said,

    I was very happy to see the trucks on Anderson St today to clear the snow away but was quickly disheartened when the trucks mearly pushed all the snow back onto my sidewalk that I paid someone to clear on Saturday. So although the street may be passable, my elderly mother and I are still unable to get out of our house due to the mounds of snow back on my sidewalk and driveway. I understand about these folks that have been working around the clock to get the snow cleared. But is not fair there is no consideration for the people that already took the time and money to clear their snow

  • Still stuck up on the ridge said,

    Thanks for finishing the ridge, not….

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