Update on Plowing/Road Clearing Activity – 2/10/2013, 11:45 PM

Posted by Bob on February 10, 2013 under Daily Blogs | 45 Comments to Read

The following is a general update of street, road and neighborhood plowing that has occurred in the Borough today (2/10/2013), and is planned for the overnight.  The list is not exhaustive as additional streets can be addressed, and some may be delayed if resources are diverted to emergency calls.  If you see your street listed as complete but it is not, please feel free to simply send an email to bob@bobmezzo.com and we can advise Public Works.  Information is conveyed from and to multiple levels of sources, some by contractors that do not normally provide services to the Borough.  It is certainly likely that some information gets lost or distorted through the communication process.

If your neighborhood is not referenced, we have additional resources and equipment arriving by the morning (2/11/2013) at latest.  We expect to have the capacity to begin addressing all neighborhoods with un-plowed roads by the morning (2/11/2013).

Worked on or completed today (2/10/2013)

  •  Contractor Completed Indian Hills South
  •  Contractor Continue working on Indian Hills North
  •  Contractor Working on Mulberry and Woodside,Simsburry, Cadbury to Yorktown then down Osborn to Rayron and Tracyann Court
  •  School Street, School Street Ext.
  •  Washington Street
  •  Anderson Street
  •  Part of Diamond Street
  •  Andrew Mountain Road
  •  Stone Fence Road
  •  Wildwood
  •  Crestwood Drive
  •  Gail Drive
  •  David Street
  •  Marsh Hill Road Area
  •  Sheridan Drive
  •  Great hill Road
  •  Lorann Drive
  •  Work on Highland Road area (not complete)

 Tonight (2/10/2013) into Overnight (2/11/2013)

  •  Working on Side roads off of Andrew Mountain Road
  •  Andrew Avenue Extension
  •  Park Avenue
  •  Round Hill Circle (should be completed)
  •  Allerton Road from FieldStreet and Allerton Farms Road
  • Portion remaining on Donovan Road
  • Possibly Ash Road to Wedgewood Drive
  • Chris said,

    Please, please, PLEASE get to Union City! Curtiss St is so buried and have been having snowblowers die left and right amongst the neighbors.

  • dave said,

    Tudor la everything is done around us

  • dave said,

    The contractor made a circle around celetano and left also a homeowner did carriage drive please i beg you help us

  • Cheryl Dyson said,

    Brook street cold spring circle fair view ave still not touched

  • Steve said,

    May Avenue not touched.

  • Jessie said,

    Mayor Bob,
    Please, the contractors made a cirle around celantano and down Tudor hill but left the rest of Tudor from the top of the Hill on completely un plowed. The list says it was worked on overnight but it wasn’t. Please send someone to finish

  • Mike said,

    Bob lower evening star dr long wood warm earth are still buried is there an eta of when this area will be cleared?

  • Justine said,

    I want to personally thank Mayor Mezzo, and the rest of Naugatuck’s Emergency Operations Center (“EOC”); as per the message received on 2/10/13 at 11:58 pm, it stated, “attempting to get 1 lane open on every road today”….
    Around the same time that I received my update from the EOC, I heard the sounds, of the plows’ reverse-alert ‘beepers’; I heard my neighbor, scream out, “GOD BLESS AMERICA”, I have to agree with him, thank you, thank you & a million more thank you’s , to all of you ….
    I am happy to report that Wedgewood Dr. now has 1 lane open, thank you for the countless hours, that all of you have spent, in ensuring the safety of our town. We need to remember the proactive approach instead of being a reactive community…
    Finally, here is to proactive progression!!! Bless each and every one of these drivers and the members of the EOC; and, may the light shine upon, your blessed hearts ♥ ♥ ♥

  • Russ said,

    Village circle has only been cleared up to Adriatic Lane.
    The rest of village circle remains unplowed.
    Our road is not on your list.

  • dave kaura said,

    please clear hunter hill road.we already cleared perock lane. my store is closed from 2/8/13 to still close. I can’t go out.

  • Len said,

    If Bluebird Dr is in Indian Hills South, then Indian Hills South is not complete. many are still unplowed because only one lane was opened on the far side of the road.

  • michele said,

    Please Longwood Drive in Indian Hills !!! I know you guys are doing the best you can Thanks

  • Tammy said,

    Why are we not getting help on Tudor lane Bob ? We are still stuck here?
    Did they forget to come back; they only did part of the ridge yesterday

  • Nelson Aviz said,

    Please open up Grove St.it has not been touched yet.I understand that you guys are busy.Enough is Enough,at least make a pass and open up the st.Come on now….REALLY!!!!

  • Geoff Crosley said,

    List says remaining section of Donovan. Applewood Lane and Country Hollow have not been touched.

  • Anthony Fremont said,

    The misinformation continues to flow. This list barely matches the list published in the Patch yesterday. (see http://naugatuck.patch.com/articles/naugatuck-gives-update-on-plowing-schedule)

    Millville Ave isn’t even listed here and the adjoining streets are only done one or two houses in. Taxpayers with snowshovels are doing more than the town.

    The borough is going to have to seriously re-evaluate it’s ability (or inability) to provide basic services.

  • joe said,

    Bob, we have not seen a plow at all from when the snow began to fall here in HIGH STREET SECTION BETWEEN MAPLE AND OAK Street.
    This is RIDICULOUS that not even one pass through. A few of us living on this small section were out with snow blowers trying to make a path. Some of blowers burned out. Are you going to replace the equipment for us? Where, is our tax dollars being spent? I find it hard to believe that the trucks were sitting idiling and no one in them instead of the trucks being out in the streets plowing.

    When are they going to plow, when the roads are dry and these guys drop the plows and all you see is sparks flying?

    Our combined taxes are well over $50k. Are you going to give us a tax break?

  • doug said,

    I could probably get out and go to work IF someone comes and knocks down the wall of snow left in the middle of the road by a Borough plow truck Saturday night that only made it 75 yards in the one way Gorman. A call to the street dept told a neighbor that it would be fixed that night. It sounds like they are just yes-ing everybody with no real concern if it gets done or not. Another thought-you said the Borough would be treating roads Monday morning but even if residents have done the clearing, nothing will be treated unless the street is checked off by the DPW. Am I correct? Sorry Bob, but these comments will not go away until that pile goes away. This act of irresponsibility by the street department seems to be the norm during this cleanup.

  • lori said,

    Hav a any idea when curtiss srreet will get done

  • Mark said,

    The top of Sweeney st. was done with a snow blower. It looks like another 50 feet was done with a plow leaving a pile of snow in the middle of the road. Sweeney street is not even on the list. I guess we are getting the plowing help that has been indicated.

  • David Anderson said,

    Vincent place not on list and not done

  • Geoff Crosley said,

    nicely said Joe, we should all deduct an amount from our taxes due to having to clear part of the roads ourselves.
    Town services didn’t do it. Saw a plow around 7:30 Friday night and nothing since. I know it was a huge storm, but maybe if they had kept up with it we wouldn’t be in this situation

  • Larry said,

    Mayor Mezzo
    I understand there was a tremendous volume of snow and it is difficult to remove, but the statements made in this blog about the problems of snow removal reflect the statements made in your blog of January 12, 2011 when we received about 24 inches and possibly more of snow. Naugatuck it seems is just not equipped to remove a volume of snow and since as others point out this is New England after all, we should be. I think the Boroughs plans for these situations needs to be thoroughly reevaluated.

  • Len said,

    Thanks Bob for reminding me of a lesson my father taught me long ago. if you want something done do it yourself. your a fool if you think the govt will take care of you.

  • julie said,

    Tyler Hill Rd still not plowed and no plows in sight!!! Is the town going to pay people for the time that they are missing from work or better yet what if they are losing their jobs. We pay a lot of taxes to live in this town and to tell you the truth this is a bunch of crap. I can not believe that it has now been 4 days and no sign of anything being plowed in this area. The town really dropped the ball on this one. I have lived here all of my life and have always been very proud to live here, but after this mess I am ashamed. I can not get to work or even leave my home for that matter, heaven forbid if there was a medical emergency or a fire at a home here.

  • joe said,

    Thanks Geoff. How many times do I drive by the DPW and see the guys standing around talking instead of working. We should not just deduct part of our taxes. All residents should not make any payments and see what happens. Naugatuck taxes have gone up every for what so we pay the super of Schools 200k and the rest of the town employees who are not friendly and just riding the wave into sunset.

    All these people would be fired in the private sector for not doing their job. There are plenty of people including myself would take their jobs in a heart beat.

    Taxes are so high in this town, it’s not even funny. I believe this is,election year and guess what bye-bye Mr. Mayor and his team. Everyone, who works for the town should be fired. Take the Dumbass governor with you.

    Mayor Bob and his people are yes-ing everyone to death but nothing is getting done. These trucks should not get stuck with all that Gross weight.

    We are done with you. Why don’t the people revolt

  • Jay said,

    MILLVILLE side streets haven’t seen plows in days. May ave is where we are… Gotta get out!!!

  • Jeanne Kennelly said,

    Well Bob, I have read these posts, I just wanted to say thank you for your hard word this weekend. Please pass the word to the town crews as well. Some of us realize we just had a historical BLIZZARD and you are doing everything humanly possible to clear our town. Code red alerts are great! Thanks for keeping us informed! Be safe!

  • joe said,

    Jeanne kennelly

    stop kissing the arses of the town employees for getting paid to do their jobs. they have not done their job!!!!!!! Other Town roads are clear and passable while the roads in this town are blocked. We get snow every winter season and every year DPW does not get the job done. The super of DPW has been in that role for years It’s time he is,shown the Exit door. town employees think they have a lifetime job. They all should be fired.

  • Bob said,

    Hi Larry:

    I actually agree with your statement completely:

    “statements made in this blog about the problems of snow removal reflect the statements made in your blog of January 12, 2011 when we received about 24 inches and possibly more of snow. Naugatuck it seems is just not equipped to remove a volume of snow and since as others point out this is New England after all, we should be. I think the Boroughs plans for these situations needs to be thoroughly reevaluated.”

    The way to plan for such storms (and the 2010-2011) accumulations occurred over multiple storms), is to make a collective decision as a community to purchase large equipment for significant dollars that could plow large snow, but would be fairly useless the rest of the year. We can certainly do that, but my experience as a resident and in elected capacities has been that the majority of the decision-makers would not choose to do so. As the snow melts, and Winter turns into Spring, budget season and tax time start replace memories of Winter snow.

  • Kenny said,

    Wildwood and Stonefence, listed above as completed or worked on, have not been touched.

  • betty said,

    Wooster and related roads? Maple hill end?

  • Larry said,

    Mayor Thank you for your response, but s it the elected officials or the community who decides on the purchases, I don’t recall getting a vote on a lot of purchases

  • tony said,

    Bob you need to take lessons from mayor ben in milford .. they got 38 inches (more snow than us) and have all roadways clear.. he also went on record and said fema isgranting us 48 hours our choice to foot 75% of the bill theyare also bringing in an additional 20 payloaders today alone .. so dont lie to us and say we have all that are available. take some lessons from milford and maybe we will make progress!

  • union city resident said,


  • Bob said,


    First of all, your assessment of Milford having all its roads clear is completely inaccurate. Please see the Milford Patch: http://milford.patch.com/articles/milford-snow-storm-central

    Second, this is about the fourth or fifth time we have had a storm/hurricane disaster in the past four (4) years that has had the potential for Federal Emergency Management Agency (“FEMA”) reimbursement. We have received hundreds of thousands of dollars in reimbursement, and will do everything necessary to do the same for this blizzard. For your information, FEMA usually give seventy two (72) hour windows for snow events, but never let the facts get in the way of the world you have created.

    You are better than that.

    Be well.

  • joe said,

    Good point Tony. Bob, reach out to surrounding Towns for assistance. This is poor management from all levels. All town employees think they have a lifetime secured job. They are thinking like politicians on federal and even state level. It’s time for all the town employees to be shown the Exit doors and bring in new people. Thanks God people voted down the Charter to revise mayor terms from two to four years. You have been mayor for four years now and have done nothing but raise our taxes. Residents of this town cannot take all the burden. I wish I can team up with someone and run for office to show these liberals how to stop spending and lower taxes.

  • Bob said,

    Hi Larry:

    You are correct, elected officials and appointed officials (Finance Board members are appointed, and sit jointly with members of the Board of Mayor and Burgesses – The Joint Boards) to craft a budget. Ultimately you might get a chance to vote, if it goes to referendum in accordance with the provisions in our Charter.

    My point being, people have short memories. Long after the snow is gone, concerns turn to taxes. To prepare for storms like these, which do not occur every year (although it seems so lately), we would have to make substantial investment in equipment that would not be necessary every year and sit unused during non-Winter months. The only other alternative is to pay large contractors at a substantial increase over current rates to compete with their private clients. My experience has been, as a Burgess years ago and the mayor currently, that different groups of decision-makers are not willing to make those investments. Maybe recent weather patterns will change minds, but it is a debate worthy of listening to all the pros and cons.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

  • union city resident said,

    I have a question about fire hydrants I live on Rt 68 and there is a hydrant end of my driveway. Was trying to dig it out but bobcats clearing deli dumped all snow ontop of it. How do I get it cleared and help out? My little shovel won’t get to it now

  • Bob said,


    Again, do not let the facts get in the way of your agenda; but we have crews from Ridgefield, crews on the way from Newtown, and four (4) members with vehicles from the National Guard here. You might be able to deduce that they did not come here by accident. It might be helpful for you to think whether or not other communities have needs also, or whether or not the blizzard just impacted Naugatuck.

    We would welcome your involvement in public service, but unfortunately you would have to speak using your real name and not hide behind an anonymous screen name and generic email address to express your thoughts and opinions.

  • Joe said,

    Bob, the frustrations among residents are valid as I presume you would agree to some degree, people wonder what are the Mayor and his team doing. Maybe, go on radio/TV and update everyone on the severity the storm has on the town and status of other Towns/cities striving to make their way to help Naugatuck.

    Thank you

  • Joe said,

    Thank you Mayor Mark from Danbury

  • Cynthia said,

    I have read all the comments. I truly believe the town crew has worked very hard at clearing the roads and yes, that is what they get paid to do . Unfortunately, I do not believe a plan was in place. This whole storm was heavier than our town could handle . Naugatuck seems to be lacking in equipment. We were told to plain for the storm and I am sure most did by buying all the milk, bread and eggs we could . Was there a plan in place Mr Mayor as far as where to begin plowing and how the crews would keep up with the snow to insure everyone’s safety? Thank goodness that the community people came together with their own equipment to get roads passable for at least one car. Snowblowers and shovels . I am so disappointed in our leadership . I remember after 3 days of the first hurricane stopping in town hall . I voiced my concerns. Someone listened and all of a sudden I had heard dinners at one of the restaurants would be given out. This town is not being run like a business I have gone into town hall to pay my taxes and I was very annoyed to see the tax collector talking on the phone joking with whoever while eating at his desk facing those of us standing in line waiting to pay. Is that the way a business is run? Never mind the way our tax office is decorated. Whoever he is its not his man cave take it home. I am irritated not because of the the snow and the inconvenience it has caused but by the lack of leadership .

  • Nelson Aviz said,

    WOW!!So close yet so far away.Saw trucks on Park St.neighbors were clapping and cheering in relief.But to our disappointment they past Grove St. and surrounding st.Now I know what it feels like to be on a desert island,see help and it goes rt bye.UGG..love this town,but what the fuck!!!

  • Nicole said,

    Hillside Ave downtown end is not plowed yet. Your disaster recovery plan is unacceptable. How do you schedule roads towards town line before you even get to the main area? And National Guard is here? I took a walk around and saw nothing. No military, no town employees, nothing.

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