Monday Evening Blizzard Clean-Up Update – 2/11/2013, 8:15 PM

Posted by Bob on February 11, 2013 under Daily Blogs | 3 Comments to Read

The Borough has opened or is in the final stages of opening all of Naugatuck’s roads for passage.  Crews and contractors are working now to clear the final streets in multiple neighborhoods.  All roads should be passable by morning (2/12/2013) at the latest.

Once all roads are open for at least one-lane travel, we will shift focus to widening roads and eventually clearing intersections.  Contractors with large equipment will continue to be engaged to assist with this effort.  Vehicular travel remains hazardous, and we urge all motorists to exercise a heightened sense of caution and courtesy when driving, particularly on roads where only one lane of travel is possible.  Please also be mindful of pedestrians walking on tight roads.

We realize that this has been a very stressful time for many, and much work remains to be done.  We would like to thank everyone, however, for their patience; and commend all those neighbors who helped neighbors in numerous ways.  That is what Naugatuck is truly about.

Naugatuck’s Schools will be closed on Tuesday (2/12/2013).  We still have much work to do to return our roads, streets and neighborhoods to as normal as possible given this amount of snow, and create safe conditions for buses and bus stops.

Town hall, the Naugatuck Senior Center, and all other non-emergency management departments will be closed on Tuesday (2/12/2013) in the Borough.  The Howard Whittemore Library will be closed until the local state of emergency is lifted.

There will be no regular trash and recycling collection on Tuesday (2/12/2013).  Regular trash and recycling collection will resume on Wednesday (2/13/2013), with the regular schedule moved-back by two (2) days.  Regular Monday collection will be Wednesday; regular Tuesday collection will be Thursday; and so forth, through Sunday.  Please ensure trash and recyclables are placed curbside by midnight before your day of collection.

  • Robert said,

    Just want to express my gratitude to you and the town for keeping residents in the loop during the storm, and cleanup. Last night I was watching a large pay loader widening and removing snow from Locust St. The driver did a fantastic job! Thanks for everything

  • union city resident said,

    Can someone please let me know where I can call about my fire hydrant. The deli on Rt 68 just buried it further with a payloader I was trying to dig to it thru the state truck pile but now the guy next door dumped the deli snow onto it completely. It had a reflector that stuck up 3 feet over it so we knew where it was now the huge pile has buried that too. I know you can get fined for not clearing a hydrant off if it’s on your property who can I call for help. I will help shovel too but at this point I can’t get to it anymore. Im worried with how high the piles are people pulling onto Rt 68 from their driveway businesses or their streets if there is an accident or fire there will be no access to it for help. Thank u

  • Forgotten resident said,

    While I appreciate the effort of all the workers out there putting in the hours to clear our streets and get life in Naugatuck back to normal, I am a little disappointed that to my knowledge (as I was stuck home all weekend) our street off of rubber ave ext has not seen a plow truck since Friday night. Fortunately we all came together as a neighborhood and made it one car passable for everyone to be able to get to their jobs. The issue with this is that our area is a Monday garbage day, which means we are getting picked up on Wednesday, and if we had not joined hands and made a path for ourselves how are we supposed to be able to put our trash out. What makes it frustrating is that I can see other parts of town that are clear as day, and I see the efforts these workers are putting in all over town to return the roads to their full width and make travels safe, but what about the little guy? Where is our snow plow?

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