Monday Morning Update – 2/11/2013, 11:45 AM

Posted by Bob on February 11, 2013 under Daily Blogs | 58 Comments to Read

The Naugatuck Emergency Operations Center (“EOC”) remains activated at the Naugatuck Fire Station.  The Borough has Public Works crews and contractors at or scheduled for the following streets and areas currently:

• Hunters Mountain;

• Spencer Street Area;

• Side streets off Spring Street;

• Evening star, Warm Earth and Longwood Drive in Indian Hills;

• Streets North of Millville;

• Streets south of Millville Area, but parked and stuck cars are slowing progress;

• Wooster Street Area;

• Donovan Road Area;

• Ridgeland Drive;

• Longview Terrace;

• Bailey Road; and

• The Ridge and Celentano Drive Area

This group of streets and areas is fluid, and other roads will be added accordingly throughout the day.  We will attempt to provide updates as they become available, but can not give accurate estimates of plowing times.

Overnight, progress made to open and clear roads in several locations previously referenced, but work still remains on portions of those streets.

Currently there are seven (7) private contractors with eleven (11) pieces of equipment and one (1) crew from the Town of Ridgefield, which are joining Borough personnel, all with heavy equipment.  We expect additional resources to arrive throughout the day, and are using all efforts to obtain additional contractors with heavy equipment. The National Guard remains in Naugatuck, and has a vehicle that can get through heavy snow for emergency 911 response.  Regular plowing and sanding crews are engaged to respond to freezing rain that is predicted to fall throughout the day.

Once we have passable lanes on all Borough streets, we will then concentrate efforts to widen streets already plowed.

We appreciate feedback about roads that need plowing, but we are diverting enormous amounts staff time attempting to respond to requests for exact plow times through phone calls, emails and other communications and social media.  Please limit your communications to emergency management personnel and departments to emergency situations and requests for assistance.  We are certainly aware that this storm has caused high levels of frustration for all, but no one’s street is going to be plowed sooner because of constant requests to do so.  Please call 911 for emergencies, and call the Naugatuck Fire Department at 203-720-7083 for all other requests for assistance.

Public works crews are clearing catch basins in problem areas in response to the rain and freezing rain currently falling.  If you have the ability, any assistance you can provide to clear catch basins in your neighborhoods would be greatly appreciated.



  • Towns continuing to cleanup from blizzard | Citizen's News said,

    [...] Operations Center remains activated at the Naugatuck Fire Station. Mayor Robert Mezzo said, on his blog, that the borough will provide updates throughout the day but can not give accurate estimates of [...]

  • Anthony said,

    I certainly hope your crews are checking the citizen cleared roads. One of our nice neighbors plowed everyone else in so that he could get his truck out.

  • omar said,

    Bob, We appreciate all your efforts but the streets of applewood and tyler hill are still closed and We are 30+ families who can no go out and re-incorporate to our activities…

  • tony said,

    Bob you need to take lessons from mayor ben in milford .. they got 38 inches (more snow than us) and have all roadways clear.. he also went on record and said fema isgranting us 48 hours our choice to foot 75% of the bill theyare also bringing in an additional 20 payloaders today alone .. so dont lie to us and say we have all that are available. take some lessons from milford and maybe we will make progress!

  • Celina said,

    Take lessons from Middlebury

  • LB said,

    I understand that you don’t want the bottleneck of dealing with calls on particular streets, but how do the people of town know that their road was not forgotten? For example they cleared off Graham Ridge, but left Farmstead (the only road off of Graham Ridge) — was that by design or an oversight?

  • joe said,

    Bob,thanks for your efforts, but this is ridiculous. Neighbors, have to join together and remove snow from street to make a somewhat passable path since not one plow came down high street sectiin between maple and oak. What’s going to happen when we get heavy rain today. There are going to be flooded roads since most drainage are clogged and street Dept hasn’t cleaned them in years. At night when temps drop below 32° will become an I’ve skating rink.

  • Jay said,

    May ave off Millville still nothing no signs of anyone..!!!!

  • Bob said,


    First of all, your assessment of Milford having all its roads clear is completely inaccurate. Please see the Milford Patch:

    Second, this is about the fourth or fifth time we have had a storm/hurricane disaster in the past four (4) years that has had the potential for Federal Emergency Management Agency (“FEMA”) reimbursement. We have received hundreds of thousands of dollars in reimbursement, and will do everything necessary to do the same for this blizzard. For your information, FEMA usually give seventy two (72) hour windows for snow events, but never let the facts get in the way of the world you have created.

    You are better than that.

    Be well.

  • Stephen said,

    Thanks to all of the town employees working to dig us out. It’s great to know the Federal Taxpayers will be helping out with our costs for cleanup.

    The residents of Village Circle are patiently waiting to get one lane. If I could make one suggestion? Maybe you would get less calls if you would at least acknowledge those streets that still need to be cleared to one lane? I don’t need a schedule, I just don’t even know if the town is aware that Village Circle hasn’t been plowed north of Adriatic Lane. Some of the residents have been out with their snow-blowers but our street is mostly impassible.

  • Bob said,


    It is not that we do not want the information, but we receive the same information, sometimes from the same people, multiple times. We have received information on Farmstead already. It is appreciated and it is conveyed to supervisors, but sometimes becomes redundant and strains resources that could be used to direct resources in the field.

  • Celina said,

    How come Westover Hills is not on this list? I spoke to someone in your office today and they said we were. They said dead end streets get plowed last. Thats funny why was Moonlight circle plowed 48 hours ago? Ok don’t answer that we all know who lives there. Mr. Mayor ask your Moonlight Circle resident how much this area pays in taxes. We don’t have public water, we are restricted to how much garbage we generate, my child has not attended Naugatuck schools in 4 years. Where has my 60k in taxes gone to in the past 4 years. the least the town can do is plow thes 3 streets up here.

  • Bob said,


    The following is a list of streets compiled by our Deputy Mayor Tamath Rossi, who has been volunteering her time for four (4) days, assisting us. This is just the recent list from this morning (2/11/2013), based on hundreds of communications.

    Applewood Lane
    Camp Street
    Carolyn Circle
    City Hill Court
    Cold Spring Circle
    Cottage Street
    Counselor Drive
    Curtiss Street
    Deering Lane
    Donavan Court
    Donovan Road
    Evening Star
    Farmstead lane
    Galpin Street area
    General Patton (portion)
    Gorman Street (on Spencer Streetside)
    High Street
    Highland Drive
    Hughes Street
    Hunter Mountain
    Jason Court
    Kosko Lane
    Marc Street
    May Avenue
    Meadowbrook Place
    Melbourne Court
    Myrtle Avenue
    New Street
    Nicole Drive
    Novel Avenue
    Olive Street Olive Street
    Parkman Place
    Pearl Road
    Quinn High Ridge Road
    Rockwell Avenue
    Rustling Reed and surrounding area
    Salem Boulevard
    Salem Street
    Shirley Street
    Sunset Drive
    Tanglewood Lane
    Tudor Lane
    Valentine Street
    Village Circle
    Warm Earth
    Wedgewood Drive
    Westover Hills
    Westview Drive
    Wildwood Circle
    Wilson Street
    Wood Street

  • tony said,

    stonefence rd is not on there and is not plowed please update it.. my wife will now have to walk 3 miles to rubber ave to be picked up and get driven to work.. this is a nightmare!

  • Bob said,

    Hi Celina:

    Your conspiracy theory would be less interesting if you also stated the stated that the private contractor (who does not normally plow for us) was instructed to go to areas off Candee Road and Maple Hill without specific direction, and started plowing from Inwood, reached Moonlight Circle. The contractor then left to handle other matters, and returned to Indian Hills from the other direction the next day. You might also want to have an understand the relationship between the contractor and the person you are alleging received special treatment.

    Your insinuation that someone who pays more in taxes should receive special preference over residents who pay lesser amounts is also interesting.

  • Your Neighbor up the street said,

    Mayor Bob,

    Not trying to be a pain and I understand that crews are working aimlessly, but we have family on the Spenser street side of time who told us they are getting a second pass through… The Beacon Mankr area has been done but Fairwood seems to have been forgotten… We have many elderly people on this street that get daily medical attention that have not seen their Home Heath Aid in days. Any information is appreciated!

  • Cindy said,

    i see that you have Greenwood st on your list of roads that are plowed. This street has not been plowed. a few neighbors got together yesterday and shoveled the whole street. We are use to being a dead end and being plowed last but don’t you think that dead ends should be higher on the list because there is only one way in and one way out. I know that you guys are doing the best you can but you are receiving the wrong info about what is getting done and what isn’t. thank you for all your hard work.

  • Stephen said,

    Thank you Mayor, and thanks to Deputy Mayor Tamath Rossi.

  • Mike said,

    I see that u have warm earth on your list of being plowed well it wasn’t. They just came down longwood which is good thank you

  • Stephen said,

    Mike and Cindy, I think this is a list of streets that still need to be cleared.

  • Jim said,

    you’re missing Walnut st.

  • tony said,

    its not because im on stonefence and we have not been cleared and are not on the list above

  • Bob said,

    Hi Neighbor:

    I know about Fairwood, it still includes the bottom of Beacon Manor Circle that provides access to our house. The only reason a portion of Beacon Manor Circle is done is that some of our great neighbors used snow blowers to do so. I do not request favors for my neighborhood at times like these, but am becoming frustrated having to climbing through snow and rely on others for rides to get downtown, while leaving the family (including a 1 year old) without any access to a road. It looks like the small path toward Fairwood was also done by a snow blower.

  • Bob said,


    You are correct. The list of streets were roads that needed to be cleared, as of about 10:30 AM this morning (2/11/2013).

  • Michele said,


  • Suzanne said,

    Adversity contains opportunity. You get the chance to come through for your friends and neighbors. Instead of waiting for others to show up, you help each other. This is what happened in our neighborhood, Pearl Road. On Sunday our neighbors and friends used shovels and snow blowers to make paths, some even large enough for small car. We all chipped in to help clear out our neighbors especially those sick or elderly. We all worked as community and had fun too. Some worked until 7 pm understanding that tomorrow’s weather might just make everything that much worse. I am blessed to live in such a wonderful neighborhood

  • Bob said,

    Update list of roads not cleared as of 1:00 PM

    West Side
    added Clearview Circle
    Deering Lane Lynn Circle
    Dunn Ave
    Dunn Lane
    Farmstead Rd
    Galpin St
    added May Ave
    Melbourne Ct
    North Circle
    New St
    Nixon St
    Olive St
    Parkman Pl
    Pearl Rd Salem Blvd
    Quinn St
    Rockwell Ave
    Salem St
    Seth Drive
    Summit Dayton Rd
    Sunset Dr
    Tanglewood Lane
    added Walnut St
    Wedgewood Dr
    Westover Hills
    Westview Dr
    Wildwood Cir
    Wood St

    East Side
    Adella St
    Carolyn Cir
    City Hill Ct
    Cold Spring Cir
    Counselor Dr
    Curtiss St
    Donavan Ct
    Donavan Rd
    Evening Star Dr
    Gen Patton
    High Ridge Rd
    High St
    added Hughes St
    Jolie Rd
    Kent St
    Kosko Lane
    added Longview Dr Bailey Rd
    Marc ST Jason CT
    Mckinley St
    Meadow Brook Place
    Myrtle Ave
    Nicole Dr
    Rustling Reed
    Shirley St
    Stanley St
    Tudor Lane
    Valentine St
    Village Cir
    Wilson St

  • Jim said,

    Mayor Bob, Except for election time, I am usually too busy to pay close attention to the job of the mayor, but have had some unexpected free time the past few days. I did not even know you had a blog until Saturday when I went looking for information on the storm clean up. I wanted to say two things. First, other than making resources magically appear, I have no suggestions as to what you could be doing differently. My street has not been plowed, I get it–there are a lot of streets there is a lot of snow and limited equipment. Secondly, you have done an outstanding job of keeping everyone informed (although I could have done without the 7 am update on Saturday). I particularly enjoy reading your candid responses to some of the “challenging” questions that have been posted. You have given me a new appreciation for the job of Mayor of Naugatuck. Hang in there!

    questions” that were posted.

  • brandon said,

    Ward street has not been plowed. There is enough of a “one lane” through it, but there are still massive snowbanks that need to be moved if possible. I get it, its been a rough couple days and will probably be a rough week or two, but I did see an unmarked police suv drive through an hour or two ago, though it did, Ward street is by no means fully clear. Thank you for doing what you can though.

  • Bob said,

    Hi Brandon:

    That might be as good as Ward Street gets until other neighborhoods have at least one lane passage. We will have to address widening and intersections eventually, but all roads are not opened Borough-wide at this point.

  • Jay said,

    May Ave just added really?? We havent seen a plow since fri. There was a loader on Millville 2 hrs ago where did it go?????

  • Brendan said,

    Bob, please add Evelyn Drive to the list of roads that need to be cleared.

    Thank you for your efforts over the past few days.

  • omar said,

    Bob, thanks for your efforts during these hard times

  • Nelson Aviz said,

    WOW!!So close but yet so far away.Saw trucks on park st.neighbors were clamping and cheering in relief.But to our disappointment they past Grove St.and surrounding streets.Now I know what it feels to be on a desert island,see help and it goes by.UGG…love this town,but what the fuck!!

  • Bob said,


    Getting some details on Evelyn Drive. We were told earlier that a single lane pass was made. Please let me know if you have seen any clearance.

  • Samantha said,

    Woohoo….Longwood Dr is open…Thanks…You’re awesome!!!!!

  • Ian said,


    The upper half of Graham Ridge, (along with Farmstead) are have not yet received their first pass. Any update on these streets? Also, with the list of streets remaining having been compiled, do you have enough information for a rough estimate to be made as to when all streets will have at least one lane opened?
    Finally, thank you for your tremendous effort and patience shown through this crisis. I know your street isn’t plowed either.

  • Bob said,

    Grove St Just plowed. First pass. Thank you.

    Celina, if you paid $60,000 in the past 4 years in property taxes, you may have bigger problems than not being plowed. Seems kind of high, even for your area.

  • Catherine said,

    I have not kept up with the blog. I dont know where my neighborhood falls on the list. I made it to work today thanks to efforts from my father and daughter shoveling and snowblowing. I understand the challenges. I called and was nice about asking the status of my street. I got an answer of it will be done, including the hidden part of the street on which I live, but it didnt come true. Im hoping today when I get home things will be different than when I left. FINGERS CROSSED

  • BK said,

    If it were not for me with my pickup/plow and another guy on my street with his pickup/plow my street would still be closed and we are off Andrew Ave. I saw a payloader come down Saturday afternoon and no town truck until Sunday evening. That’s rediculous considering the storm was done Saturday morning. Failure Bob. Terrible failure!

  • CT said,

    Just wanted to let you know that one of the streets listed as ” unplowed” actually has been plowed (very well, actually, considering the amount of snow that was covering it)as of about 6 a.m. this morning: Forest St. However, I’m unsure if perhaps the upper part did not get done yet, as people tend to park on the road there, so maybe that’s why it’s listed as unplowed. The section of the road that I can see looks great! I know everyone is doing the best they can given the difficult circumstances. Thank you.

  • Rob said,

    Bob. Parts of krodel / Webb impassable as well as Evelyn drive completely untouched and not on the list

  • Rob said,

    Can’t take lessons from Middlebury it is a town of 7000 people compared to almost 32000 in Naugatuck not comparing apples to apples

  • Penny said,

    Tudor Lane is still not done, I totally understand things take time with the many streets and roads we have in Naugatuck and the amount of snow we recieved, I have lost 2 days from work ( can’t afford it either ) as well as many others have lost time because we cannot get out.Neighbors on my street went outside today with snowblowers and shovels and decided to make a one lane path so we can at least get out,we all worked together but we still need the towns help up here to widen that path. Neighbors helping Neighbors, that what we did.

  • Larry said,

    Thats really not true you can compare any town to any town. exponentially we an be compared to anyone. If we are bigger town we have a bigger budget . Yadda Yadda Yadda. It is the planning and execution that is the key

  • Pam Norton said,

    Svea avenue is completely cleaned from one end to the other… Have to thank Bill Norton who was out there in no time helping each and every neighbor to be able to get out on to the main road !! Thanks Dad !!

  • Jay said,

    May ave please

  • Rob said,

    Town of Middlebury plowing Evelyn drive as we speak

  • tony said,

    now we have water problrms in thestonefence area according to ct water somebody struck a fire hydrant with a plow… and the drama continues….

  • Rob said,

    To have an accurate comparison the towns would have to offer equal services. I’m Middlebury we don’t have trash pickup unless we pay a private company and we also have more than 90% of the town using well water and septic systems the budget savings allow for a larger fleet of real plows unlike the contractors in pickup trucks Naugatuck uses. Yes Naugatuck needs to be more prepared but a fleet of big trucks and offering all the services like trash pickup is going to mean MORE taxes btw I grew up in Naugatuck and lived there for 18 years

  • TAX PAYER said,


  • TAX PAYER said,

    Gorman street has not been touched THANKS BOB!!!!

  • Chris said,


  • Bob said,

    Just to clarify, the message to Celina was from a different Bob, not the mayor.

  • Steve said,

    Thank you Mayor Bob for doing the best managing our Borough during this major snow storm.

  • Jay said,

    May ave pleade

  • Jay said,

    Thx guys.. Whoever just plowed May Ave in the backhoe i talked to u but didnt get ur name.. Give yhat man a raise hes been out since 7am yesterday with only a few hrs sleep this morn..Thx guys he was a pubkic works guy from Naugy.!!!!

  • Denise Evon said,

    So my plow guy came to do my driveway but was only able to do 1/3rd of it. The snow is too wet & heavy. I need someone or some people to come help me snowblow out my car from the garage and the other 2/3rd of my driveway. Of course, I’ll pay!!!! DO YOU KNOW ANYONE? Please call me (203) 232-9284. Thank you so much!!! :D enise

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