Naugatuck Schools Closed Tuesday

Posted by Bob on February 11, 2013 under Daily Blogs | 2 Comments to Read

Naugatuck Schools will be closed on Tuesday (2/12/2013) as we continue to clear roads in the aftermath of Blizzard Charlotte a/k/a Nemo.  The decision was just announced by school officials, and reported to our Emergency Operations Center.

  • Denise Evon said,

    So my plow guy came to do my driveway but was only able to do 1/3rd of it. The snow is too wet & heavy. I need someone or some people to come help me snowblow out my car from the garage and the other 2/3rd of my driveway. Of course, I’ll pay!!!! DO YOU KNOW ANYONE? Please call me (203) 232-9284. Thank you so much!!! Denise

  • Rob said,

    I am going to reach out to my brother and see if he can get in touch with you about plowing the drive way.

    Thank you. Rob

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