No Trash/Recycling Collection on Tuesday

Posted by Bob on February 11, 2013 under Daily Blogs | 6 Comments to Read

Naugatuck trash and recycling collection will be pushed-back another day until Wednesday (2/13/2013).  There will be no regular trash and recycling collection on Tuesday (2/12/2013).  The schedule for the rest of the week will be as follows:

  • Regular Monday collection will be Wednesday;
  • Regular Tuesday collection will be Thursday;
  • Regular Wednesday collection will be Friday;
  • Regular Thursday collection will be Saturday; and
  • Regular Friday collection will be Sunday.

Any changes to the current schedule will be announced if they are made.  Please ensure that all containers are placed curbside by midnight on the day of collection, and do not impede plow and other snow removal vehicles from widening roads.

  • David said,


    My friends who are Naugatuck Police Officers told me that the police station plow truck was parked all day.

    Why isn’t this truck being utilized during these desperate times? Any piece of equipment should be running on full capacity.

  • Bob said,

    Hi David:

    We have enough small plow trucks, but are in need of heavy equipment like payloaders, wheel-loaders and large plow trucks. We certainly would have been using the police station plow if it was helpful.

  • David said,

    Thank you for your your quick response!

  • Denise Evon said,

    So my plow guy came to do my driveway but was only able to do 1/3rd of it. The snow is too wet & heavy. I need someone or some people to come help me snowblow out my car from the garage and the other 2/3rd of my driveway. Of course, I’ll pay!!!! DO YOU KNOW ANYONE? Please call me (203) 232-9284. Thank you so much!!! :D enise

  • Rob said,

    I am going to reach out to my brother and see if he can get in touch with you about plowing the drive way.

    Thank you. Rob

  • Denise Evon said,

    Thank you Nelson!!!!!

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