Blizzard Clean-Up Update – Tuesday, 2/12/2013, 12:00 Noon

Posted by Bob on February 12, 2013 under Daily Blogs | 3 Comments to Read

All Borough roads are open for passage, but most remain quite narrow.  Borough crews and contractors will work throughout the day to widen streets and begin removing the massive amounts of snow in multiple locations.  The parking ban remains in effect.  Please ensure vehicles do not hinder the Borough’s ability to widen roads.

Vehicular travel remains hazardous, and we urge all motorists to exercise a heightened sense of caution and courtesy when driving, particularly on roads where only one lane of travel is possible.  Please pay special attention to pedestrians who are walking on narrow streets.

We realize that clearing roads will inevitably result in snow potentially impacting driveways.  There is simply not enough space in many neighborhoods to avoid this issue and still clear and widen roads.  We do not have enough resources to unblock driveways.  We respectfully request residents’ understanding during these unique times, and ask neighbors to help neighbors if at all possible.

Naugatuck’s Schools will be closed again on Wednesday (2/13/2013).  We still have much work to do to return our roads, streets and neighborhoods to as normal as possible given the amount of snow, and create safe conditions for buses and bus stops.  Any decision about future changes to our school schedule will be made on Wednesday (2/13/2013).

We are planning to open all Borough departments including Town Hall and the Senior Center on Wednesday (2/13/2013).

Regular trash and recycling collection will resume on Wednesday (2/13/2013).  Regular Monday collection will be on Wednesday; regular Tuesday collection will be on Thursday; and so forth, throughout Sunday. Please ensure trash and recyclables are placed curbside or in driveways by midnight before your day of collection.

If at all possible, we respectfully request that residents clear access to fire hydrants in their neighborhoods.

  • omar said,

    Bob, Great job…

  • K said,

    Woodbine st is only plowed because someone had to get out of their driveway. There’s still about 6 feet of road that isn’t cleared and my car can’t get out because people across the street have no driveway and have to park on the road and the snow that’s left is on my side. Can’t cut my car enough to get out of the driveway and not hit their cars. When will the rest of the street get plowed ?

  • Bob Mezzo said,

    Hi K:

    Efforts to widen roads, including Woodbine, are ongoing. Crews are in several neighborhoods attempting to widen as of Wednesday (2/13/2013) morning. It is a more difficult task in neighborhoods such as years when cars are parked on the street, but it will be done.

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