Trash/Recycling Collection to Resume Friday (2/14/2014)

Posted by Bob on February 13, 2014 under Daily Blogs | 3 Comments to Read

Naugatuck trash and recycling collection will resume on Friday (2/14/2014).  The following schedule will be in effect given the delay caused by today’s (2/13/2014) weather:

  • Regular Thursday collection will be Friday (2/14/2014); and
  • Regular Friday collection will be Saturday (2/15/2014).

Trucks may be dispatched earlier than usual on the day of collection depending on scheduling constraints and/or weather-related disruptions.  It is also possible that some streets will be collected later than normal as some collection crew members also assist with snow plowing and clearing efforts.  As always, please ensure all trash and recycling containers are placed curbside by midnight on the day of collection.  Collection is always subject to change as a result of weather-related disruptions.

Please direct any questions or concerns regarding trash and/or recycling collection to the Department of Public Works at 203-720-7072.  If your trash and/or recycling concern is after hours and urgent, please feel free to contact me by regular email ( or on my cell phone (203-217-0876, please leave a name if you are texting).

  • Trash collection resumes in Naugatuck | Citizen's News said,

    [...] the borough after being postponed a day due to the snowstorm that hit Thursday, Mayor Robert Mezzo announced on his blog. [...]

  • Jessica said,

    Just wanted to let you know that Shelia down at public works trash division told me that recycle trucks will not pick up my recycles if there is a pizza box in the recycle bin. Reason stated from her was they will not except pizza boxes due to grease from the pizza soaking into the card board. I just looked at your recycle list and it states not one thing about pizza boxes! Shelia was rude and inconsiderate on the phone when I called to question why my recycles had not been emptied in 2 months. I assumed they were not picked up due to weather. Sure wish I was informed by phone call or letter that they were not picked up due to 1 pizza box that is allowed as it doesn’t state they aren’t allowed. I am thoroughly disappointed in public works actions. It’s time for a change!

  • Steve E said,

    Jessica; Your recycling was not picked up two months, really? You must have had a lot recyclables piled up or did you just throw them in the trash?

    It took me less than a minute to find the recycling information on the town web site

    I seriously doubt Shelia at recycling was rude or inconsiderate.

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