Blizzard Colbie Information – 1/26/2015

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Blizzard Colbie (a/k/a Juno) is expected to increase in intensity this evening and overnight.  While there are always variables in predicting weather, it is possible that we can expect two to three feet of snow on the high end.  Strong wind gusts are also expected.  I have declared a state of emergency effective at 12:00 Noon today (1/26/2015).  This allows Naugatuck to obtain the necessary resources to address the blizzard.

Residents should avoid traveling until the storm is over.  During the height of the storm, blizzard conditions will significantly reduce visibility and make vehicular travel almost impossible.  Local roads should only be used for emergency management personnel.

Residents should shelter in their homes until the storm is over.  Due to hazardous conditions, public safety personnel will only be responding to emergency calls during the height of the storm.  Any assistance that can be provided to a neighbor in need is greatly appreciated.  Residents with emergency situations should contact 911 for assistance.  Non-emergency, storm-related calls can be directed to the Department of Public Works at 203-720-7071, but please do not use this number to inquire when particular roads will be plowed.  Emails may be sent to .

There may be times during the height of the storm when it is not safe for drivers to plow snow.  Equipment failures are also more common when there is significant amounts of snow.  Please be assured that Borough crews and contractors will be working to clear roads and make them passible as quickly as possible.  As is our standard procedure, we prioritize main roads first, then side streets and ultimately dead-ends and cul-de-sacs.  Given the current forecast, it is reasonable to expect that many roads will not be passable for a period of time after the storm.  No one gets special treatment, and roads are not prioritized based on how many phone calls are made or emails sent.  We realize that there are residents of all ages, citizens with various medical conditions and health care workers living on many streets.  Public works and public safety officials will work around the clock to address the aftermath of the blizzard.

Please report any power outages directly to Connecticut Light and Power at 1-800-286-2000, or electronically at  Please be prepared for extended power outages, as emergency calls and road clearance issues will be addressed before restoration efforts begin.

Residents must comply with the parking ban that is in effect until further notice.  A list of exempted streets is available on the Borough’s website at  Any vehicles impeding access of public safety and public works vehicles will be towed.

Naugatuck Schools will be closed on Tuesday (1/27/2015).

If possible, please ensure that snow is cleared from fire hydrants.

I know many of you use social media frequently to communicate.  While this blog links to Facebook, Twitter and Google +, I do not check those sites as frequently as others.  Staff will be periodically reviewing social media, but it is not the most effective way to communicate with me.  Please feel free to contact me by regular email ( or my cell phone (203-217-0876).  I respectfully request that you do so with urgent matters.  Communications regarding when particular roads are being plowed often slow us down and decrease effectiveness.  Multiple communications to multiple departments focus resources on communications rather than coordinating plowing and road clearance.  As stated above, we do not prioritize by how many calls are received.  The primary contact point as listed above, is our Department of Public Works at 203-720-7071 or .

More information and updates will follow. Thank you and be safe.

  • Chris said,

    Does the town still only have 2 large plows like the last large storm? Is any additional equipment being requested and brought in?

  • Bob said,

    Hi Chris:

    The Borough has five large plows and and ten small trucks. We also have more contractors with large plows this year.

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